Welcome to the Deep Chamber School
Can you find your lost lunchbox? |
We hope you have enjoyed playing thelostlunchbox.com! So far, over 200 users have found the lunchbox, ranging from age 7 to age 19! Over 2,000 people have signed up. We have improved the game play so that it is a little easier to get past the science lab. You can also buy pets to travel the school with you that will help you. Remember, to find the school map, go into any classroom and complete the challenge!
Feedback is the only way we can improve the game, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know by sending an e-mail to mrnussbaumcom@gmail.com. We are also developing a lost lunchbox hall-of-fame dedicated to those who find the lunchbox. If you find the lunchbox, take a screenshot of your certificate, and send it to this e-mail address. Indicate your user name or some sort of I.D., school name, and your city and state of residence, and we will reserve a place in the hall for you for everyone to see.
Happy Lunchbox Hunting



You have left your lunchbox at school. That was the one thing you were told absolutely NOT to do when you were accepted to the Deep Chamber School, a school for mathematical and scientific geniuses ages 6-12. No one has ever left their lunchbox at school as far as you know -- in its entire 785 year history!  You get one lunchbox on your first day. If you leave it at school, you must return to find it.

You will have to go alone --- in the darkness, as non-students are not permitted to enter. As you get close to the Deep Chamber School at night, crickets stop chirping, birds stop singing, and the moon stops shining. Your school is not like most. Things happen when the kids leave. The building changes. The teachers change. You've never seen it, but you've heard stories. Some say the principal turns into a gnome. Others say the teachers use strange mathematical formulas to turn into evil story characters and reverse time. No matter what, you can't come home without that lunchbox.

The quest to find your lunchbox will be anything but easy. They've been waiting for this.


Rest assured, your lunchbox is there - somewhere. You will have to use your impressive academic skills in all subject areas to earn the school currency of magic pencils and gain clues to the location of your dear lunchbox. You will be required to complete various academic challenges that will push you to your scholastic limit and suck away your pivotal pencils if you fail. Be ready to conduct science experiences, complete math equations, identify types of prose, arrange historical events in their correct orders and much, much more. You will have to use the pencils and the clues you earn to find secret passages, secret rooms, locker and elevator codes, maps, and various detectors -- all of which will lead you one step closer to your precious lunch container. Beware of roaming security guards and the dreaded principal who will happily confiscate your hard earned magic pencils.

Finding your lost lunchbox will require time. You can save your game and anytime.